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How to Order a Thesis

this video will show you how to order a copy of a thesis if you need a copy of a thesis or dissertation written by graduate from the University of Calgary you have a number of different options to determine which option is best for you start from the University Archives homepage and click on the left-hand column how do I then click on the link how do i find theses the first option is to check the University Library Catalog to see if a bound paper copy exists in the library shelves the second option applies to theses or dissertations written after 1997 there are two external sources you can check for digital copies the first is theses Canada and the second is ProQuest digital dissertations the third option is to check the University of Calgary’s institutional repository or D space for digital copies of theses click on the theses collection link you can search for theses or dissertations by typing in the date of submission the author the title or any subject keywords from September 2012 it became mandatory for all theses and dissertations to be submitted electronically these submissions are available through the vault the fourth option is to contact the university archives to access a paper copy of a theses created prior to october two thousand twelve these species can only be accessed in the archives reading room if you would like to access a paper copy of a thesis contact the university archives at UA RC at you Calgary GA provide as much information as you can about the thesis such as the title the author the name of the supervisor and the department the data submission and the degree once we receive your request the university archives will search our in-house database to find the thesis you’re looking for all paper copies of theses and dissertations prior to September 2012 are stored in our off-site location the usual turnaround time to retrieve the copy is one to two business days we will contact when the thesis is available for you to come to look at you in common view the thesis in the reading room on the fifth floor of the Taylor family digital library ser web page for hours of operation if you’ve not been successful in obtaining a digital copy of the thesis or dissertation by one of the first three options you can request either a photocopy or a scanned copy from the University Archives the list of our current copying charges can be found on the thesis web page by clicking on duplication services if you need help on other topics please view our other videos online if you have specific questions and comments please contact us at UA rc8 you Calgary GA hopefully this video has helped and thanks for watching

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